Mr. Yogesh Vaghani

Mr. Yogesh Vaghani

Founder Member

Apart from being one of the Directors of Milton Plastics Ltd., he is also an avid and active Lean Kaizen Practitioner through his Vedzen Institute, Pune.

At DCCIA, he has been instrumental in getting the chamber grow its influence span from being Nagar Road Industries Association to becoming an influential nodal point for Industries across Pune now. Uniting the companies on Nagar Road was his tipping point towards Peace, Productivity & Prosperity. He still continues to support the chamber in all means.

Shri Vaghani has led one of the most successful Kaizen transformation initiatives in India, by adopting Lean Kaizen Management practices at Milton's Pune Unit for the past 14 years. He is a hands-on practitioner of Lean Kaizen and a committed one, the proof of which lies in the first Global Kaizen Award that was bestowed on Milton.

Masaki Imai San, Lean Enterprise, USA and AME, USA trained him on Lean Kaizen Transformation applications & techniques. He has also been instrumental in bringing about innovative & pragmatic applications of Lean Kaizen such as Kaizen in Everyday Life, Lean Kaizen in Hospitals, Kaizen in Community, Lean in Construction etc. ELC Pune at Lean Management Congress '09 felicitated Mr. Yogesh Vaghani as "Lean Management Guru".

With his penchant for Social Service through his untiring and unending personal efforts, he bagged the Best Project Award 2010 from Rotary Club of Pune Central, Project Parivartan (advocates Gandhian Principles for Social Transformation). He is a Vedantin and his noteworthy spiritual and philosophical inputs are well known for their effectiveness and pragmatism.

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